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1. All Natural Shampoo: This is so important. Commercial shampoos have chemicals and sulfate that dry out your hair and make it impossible for it to reach its full potential. You can check out a review of some of my favorite shampoo bars here.
2. Use a Boar Bristle Brush: They are softer on your hair than other hair brushes. They also help to equally distribute moisturizing oils throughout your hair—100% necessary for avoiding unwanted split ends! Check out a genuine boar bristle brush here.  
3. Deep Condition: Deep conditioning is so important because it drastically improves the strength and overall health of your hair follicles. Check out my favorite diy deep conditioner recipe here!
4. Eat Your Vegetables! & Healthy Fats: Eating certain foods can help your hair grow & keep it healthy and strong from the inside out. Spinach, leafy greens, bee pollen, and avocado are some of the many foods that help to keep your locks beautiful & healthy when consumed regularly. 
5. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally: A common mistake that many people make is wrapping their hair in a towel after they shower. Your hair is especially vulnerable when it is wet, wrapping it in a towel adds stress to your hair that can lead to breakage. Instead of wrapping it, leave it down. Wear the towel as a cape while your hair dries instead. 
6. Avoid Unhealthy Hair Habits: If you are wondering why you can’t grow long hair make sure you’re not practicing any unhealthy hair habits! #3 is the worst! 
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